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Do apprentices have any extra rights?

Yes you do! This is because your employer has agreed to train you and it is important that you get the chance to finish your training.

 You can have greater protection from dismissal by your employer than a normal employee.

  • Your employer may not be able to dismiss you before the end of your training period, even on the grounds of redundancy
  • If your employer does end your apprenticeship early you may get compensation for loss of pay for the rest of the apprenticeship period and also for future loss of wages

Your legal rights depend on the terms of your contract with your employer. You should have a written contract from your employer. If you don’t have a contract - ask for one. You are entitled to have one.

Even if you have nothing in writing, you still have a verbal agreement with your employer which you may be able to rely on if things go wrong. It is better to have a written contract.