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Volunteer Solicitors - Personal Stories

iStock_000016135963XSmall1_copyVolunteer Solicitors - Personal Stories


I recently decided to expand my expertise in the law after qualifying as a solicitor in 2009. In particular, I approached small organisations that seek to promote the rights of individuals in the public sphere. I was particularly interested in the rights based ethos of the Scottish Child Law Centre and was very pleased when they offered me the opportunity to work with them. The Scottish Child Law Centre and I have worked together to identify an area of child law which is currently underrepresented in Scotland. We soon recognised that there is an unmet need for tailored advocacy for disabled children separate from general advice available to disabled adults.

My work on child disability rights will assist the Scottish Child Law Centre in their goal to offer specialist in-house advice in this area. As well as assessing the impact of relevant international and domestic legislation on the lives of disabled children, I have a particular interest in the extent to which the views of disabled children are respected when they are making important life decisions.

Whilst working alongside experienced solicitors I have witnessed the crucial work the Scottish Child Law Centre does to enhance the profile of child rights in Scotland, particularly those of vulnerable children. I have enjoyed the warm, vibrant working environment and I would encourage other solicitors in my position to seek experience with the Centre – Emma White, Solicitor