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My religion requires that I eat some foods and not others; must my school comply?

Your school must respect the views of you and your parents or carer, but this does not affect their duty to make sure that the food you are offered in school is good for your health. Your school has a duty to make school lunch your first choice, and will have information about food and your religion. Your school must not refuse to help you with anything that it helps other children with just because of your religion, for example if your school provides choices for vegetarian children, but refuses to offer choices for Muslim children, this might be against the law. This does not mean that the law says that the school absolutely has to get in food especially for you, although they may be able to. This may not be feasible financially or for other practical reasons. However, the school must make sure that you have food that you can eat and not just say that you must eat what everyone else eats. If you have concerns you and your parents or carers should speak to the school. There is stuff about this in the adult zone that you and your parents/carers can look at together.