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Open Training and Masterclasses - Candidate Feedback, Training Costs

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Open Training and Masterclasses
Candidate Feedback, Training Costs
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Feedback from our training courses

  • As a Children’s Rights Officer who has looked after children and young people, many of who have been sexually or otherwise abused or committed sexual offences against other children; I felt the course was really interesting and hope to use what I have learned while working with young people and professionals."

  •  'It will help me loads in my role with children. I wish I'd had the training months ago'. 

  • ‘Very informative and interesting training course’ – Children’s refuge worker.

  • 'Working as a support worker with young people, I found the course extremely useful'. 

  • Clarified many grey areas that I will be able to address within my workplace’ – Service Manager

  • ‘Will be interesting to see how this law is used in practice. Very concise, well-presented and helpful, illustrated stories and anecdotes’.

  • ‘Feel the course useful and very informative’  - Depute Head Teacher, Support for learning.

  • ‘Engaging, [trainer] knows the topic very well'.

  • ‘Clear, concise, accommodating of our questions and specific concerns...’

  • ‘Good understanding of domestic abuse and ethos of putting children first’.

  • ‘Very passionate and inspiring’ – Children’s Worker

  •  'Inspirational trainer'

2019/2020 Training Costs


Masterclass Half day Training Half day Training Full day
Student/Unwaged £ 20 £ 20 £ 30*
Charities £100 £100 £140*
Other organisations £115 £ 115 £155*
 Trainee & NQ Sol.   £130  £130  £170*
* includes lunch

  All bookings - 10% Discount available to Members of the Scottish Child Law Centre