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Permanence Conference 2016

Scottish Child Centre presents a one day Conference on "Permanence"

11 November 2016

Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street Edinburgh

Thank you to all who attended and participated in our conference and gave their support on the day.

Speaker presentations (PowerPoints) from the conference can be downloaded from the links below

Belinda Robertson, Looked After Children Team, Scottish Government - Scottish Government Perspective

Dr Vicki Welch, Senior Research Fellow, CELSIS - Enabling Permanence for Disabled Children

Aileen Nicol, Permanence and Care Team Lead, CELSIS - Practice Model Principles - What Does Good Permanence Planning Look Like?

Dr Gillian Henderson, Information and Research Manager, SCRA - Permanence and Children's Hearings: Looking at SCRA Research

Julian Aitken, Advocate - Permanence Court Procedures and Issues

Amy Davidson, The Fostering Network - Young Champion on Permanence - My View

Leigh Jolly, Permanence and Care Excellence (PACE), Aberdeenshire Council - What is it, what does it do and a Progress Report

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