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What legal obligations do schools have in relation to children with allergies and school trips?

In most cases a risk assessment will have to be conducted before any proposed trip is approved, which ideally includes a visit to the proposed venue, and may involve obtaining written assurance from any organisations involved that they themselves have assessed the risks and put appropriate safety measures in place. Schools should obtain parental consent for non-routine visits. If the excursion involves adventure activities, going abroad, or residential visits then parents should be encouraged to attend briefing meetings.


Parents or carers should be given the opportunity, preferably on the consent form itself, to give details of a child’s allergy. They should be provided with all the information regarding the trip that they need, including details of provision during the trip for additional needs. Parent or carers should be asked to provide full contact and emergency contact details, as well as details of their child’s GP, which the adults supervising their child will have access to during the trip.