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What pay am I entitled to during my apprenticeship?

This depends on your age and at what stage you are at in your apprenticeship.

  • If you are under 19 or;
  • If you are aged 19 or over and are in the first year of your apprenticeship; 

You ARE entitled to the national minimum wage. The level changes every year. The current rate (2011 level) is £2.60 per hour. The national minimum wage rates change just about every year and you can check out the current rates and get other useful info at:

  • If you are over 19; and
  • If you have completed a year of your apprenticeship;

You ARE entitled to the national minimum wage appropriate to your age level. The rate changes on 1st October every year. The rates as at summer 2012 are:-

  • Apprentices aged 19-21 £4.98
  • Apprentices aged 21 and over £6.08 

Rates change nearly every year so check out the website above for that and for other useful info.