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We asked people using our services what they thought and this is what they said.....


'Of all agencies contacted you are the most helpful and most concise'

'You gave me everything I need. I would certainly call you again'

'Found it most helpful and encouraging'

'I don't know who would be without you. Easily accessible and useable information - especially important for a rural area where local solicitors don't have the expertise'

'I just wish one of you would be with me at the hearing'

'Thank you so much, it is wonderful to have people to call when required'

'I think it's really great that I can phone and speak to a solicitor about really traumatic stuff for the children'

'Definitely a very good service. It's good to know that there is somewhere to call when you have hit a brick wall'

'You have been the best help I have had and the only help. I would definitely recommend to anyone'

'Dialogue to reinforce/assess was very usefu.'

'Thank you for your very sharp, clear and professional advice'

Honestly, I feel like you are the only person who has listened to me' 

'I feel so much better'

'That is exactly the information I needed'

'Thank you so much, I wish I could hug you'

'You have been brilliant'

 'I never would have known I could do that until I spoke to you'